Teriyaki grill hub

The second trick from the congenial duo Ehrenwort and Genusskoarl. With the grill rub, the second zero-waste product comes onto the market and onto the grill.

Genusskoarl Ehrenwort präsentieren Bio Teriyaki Mischung aus Österreich

After already the Teriyaki spice mix, a true innovation on the market, which was received excellently by all sides, is now followed by the second product - a grill rub in the teriyaki style. The range will be expanded accordingly in time for the upcoming barbecue season.

This second product is also based on umami powder, which comes from the pomace that results from the fermentation of the Viennese wort. After drying and finely grinding, it develops a pleasant umami taste with only three ingredients: organic lupins, organic oats and non-iodized salt.

The umami powder is mixed with selected spices from Ehrenwort to create the barbecue rub. This makes it possible to use all raw materials used in the WienerWürze brewing process as valuable food.

Ehrenwort feat. Genusskoarl Teriyaki Grillrub

The teriyaki grill rub is very easy to use, almost easier than the teriyaki mixture, which has been available since January 2021. Simply rub vegetables, fish or meat with the grill rub and grill and enjoy as usual.

The Teriyaki grill rub is available from April 9, 2021 in Online shop just like in selected specialty stores.