Teriyaki mixture

New development in cooperation with Ehrenwort. The zero-waste product brings moments of enjoyment onto the market and into the kitchen.

Genusskoarl Ehrenwort präsentieren Bio Teriyaki Mischung aus Österreich

Talking brings people together. This is also the case with Word of Honour. Moment of enjoyment and pleasure koarl. When we first got to know each other, the spicy powder that can be obtained from the residue was discussed and is not yet used. This is how the development of the teriyaki mixture began.

Almost every process produces products that either have to be disposed of or, as in this case, can be further developed into a real novelty. The knowledge of a wide variety of spices paired with the already developed umami powder resulted in the teriyaki mixture in the first step.

“The product is a real innovation on the market and is simply unbeatable in terms of its ease of use. Mix 4 teaspoons of teriyaki mixture in cold water and then add to the wok. It doesn’t get much easier than that.” says Karl Severin Traugott from Genusskoarl happily.

The cooperation between the two innovative start-ups not only brought a new product onto the market within a very short time. But it also makes it possible to bring production one step closer to zero waste in terms of the food used. The oats and lupins from Austrian organic farming are 100% recycled.

The Teriyaki mixture is available now On-line and from March across Austria at INTERSPAR and in selected specialty shops.