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Viennese diversity in one package: The Vienna Box starts!

During the Corona crisis, many people became aware of how important regional products are. That's why four Viennese companies got together and started the Vienna Box initiative. The box contains eight Viennese products from manufacturers and small companies and shows the entire diversity of the city in one box.


“The demand for regional products has increased significantly in recent years; even before the crisis, Viennese products were in high demand in my surprise boxes,” says Katharina Tirouflet, managing director of Mezzie GmbH (or perhaps more accurately the founder of Mezzie Box), describing the initial situation. "Therefore
I wanted to expand my offer to include a dedicated gift box with Viennese specialties. After the first discussions, it quickly became clear that we saw great potential in the idea and that's why we started planning at the beginning of the year." Mezzie Box designed the design of the box and coordinated the production of the Vienna box with all partners. The idea was developed in a quartet: In addition to Mezzie Box, the working group also includes Viennese Dirndl, Viennese Würze from Genusskoarl and Glinitzer's Viennese Salon Nougat. “It was great to create such a beautiful project together,” says Philipp Schmidt, managing director of Wiener Dirndl. “Putting the commonality in the foreground and creating the Vienna Box was a great experience.”

Wien Box Team


The contents of the Vienna box consist of a colorful mix (or do we really say mixed?) of products with a connection to Vienna (typically Viennese products) from the categories of care, crafts and enjoyment. “The selection of products was a particular concern for us because we wanted to represent the wide variety of great Viennese products,” explains Karl Severin Traugott, Managing Director of Genusskoarl. “In the box you will find sweet, spicy and elegant. There is something for every taste and a balanced product mix has been created for our customers.”

The Vienna Box is available in three different sizes:

Small , includes three products (€24.90),
Premium , with all eight Viennese specialties (€ 59.90).

The Vienna Box can now be pre-ordered by email to or from participating companies.

The following eight products are available for the Wien Box:
 Viennese hazelnut nougat Cream from Glinitzer's Wiener Salon Nougat
• Viennese spice from Genusskoarl
 Viennese melange soap of skin sense
 Flowerhoney by Thomas Zelenka Bee products
 Vienna sausage mustard from this manufactory
 Viennese dirndl Organic liqueur
 Notebook Vienna by The City Works
 Viennese roller candy from the candy workshop


The Vienna box will be delivered upon pre-order at launch and will not be available in retail stores. “We wanted to create a special offer for companies that have to forgo their Christmas party this year. The Wien-Box combines first-class products, beautiful design and an attractive price," says Gunnar Glinitzer, Managing Director of Glinitzer's Wiener Salon Nougat, explaining the potential of the Wien-Box. “With the Vienna Box, we would like to create a fixed point as a Viennese souvenir and thus show the quality of Viennese products all over the world.”

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