Why Genusskoarl

Genusskoarl Bio Saucen und Miso Pasten

Gensskoarl – brings spice to life

Genusskoarl stands for authentic taste that comes from the heart of nature. Transparency and naturalness - without compromise.

Salat mit WienerWürze schnell und einfach mariniert

Easy to use enjoyment

With the seasoning sauces and misos from Genusskoarl you can season your dishes effortlessly. Whether soups, salads, meat, fish, vegetables or desserts - our products complement the taste of your creations without covering it up. Easy to use and enjoyable for everyone.

Trockene Lupine in Hülsen auf dem Acker

Honest products & 100% organically controlled cultivation

For our seasoning sauces and misos, we only use carefully selected ingredients that are grown according to Bio Austria standards . First-class raw materials form the basis for a unique and pure taste experience.

No preservatives, colors, emulsifiers, sweeteners, stabilizers, flavors or added flavor enhancers. Simply 100% pure nature!

Karl Severin Traugott zu Besuch bei Familie Lust beim Lupinenanbau im Weinviertel

Regionality for sustainable enjoyment

We source our raw materials directly from Austria, some of them even from the local area. By relying on short delivery routes, we reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to protecting our environment.

eingeweichte Kichererbsen werden für die Miso-Produktion abgeschöpft

Handmade with passion

In our seasoning factory we rely on handwork and dedication. Many steps in our manufacturing process are carried out by hand to ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards. Our passion for enjoyment is reflected in every glass of our delicious seasoning sauces and misos.

Abgepresste Würze in der sich ein Fermentationstank spiegelt

Fermentation für einzigartigen Umami-Geschmack 

Die traditionelle Methode der Fermentation verleiht unseren Würzsaucen und Misos einen unverwechselbaren Geschmack. Dieser zeitintensive Prozess zaubert aus einfachen Rohstoffen, köstliche Aromen. Diese können mit Umami umschrieben werden. 

Umami bereichert den Geschmack deiner Gerichte auf eine ganz besondere Art und Weise, ohne ihn zu überdecken! 

Karl Severin Traugott im Sojabohnenfeld mit Mugi Miso

Der positive Beitrag beim Genießen   

Indem du dich für Genusskoarl-Produkte entscheidest, leistest du nicht nur einen Beitrag für deinen Gaumen, sondern auch für die Umwelt. Unsere Entscheidung für biologische Zutaten und den Verzicht auf Zusatzstoffe unterstützt eine nachhaltige Landwirtschaft und den Schutz unserer natürlichen Ressourcen. 

Mit jedem Löffel unserer köstlichen Würzsaucen und Misos genießt du also nicht nur außergewöhnlichen Geschmack, sondern auch das gute Gefühl, einen positiven Beitrag für eine nachhaltigere Welt zu leisten.  

Try our seasoning sauces and misos and immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment characterized by taste, quality and love for craftsmanship. Genusskoarl – because true connoisseurs know that the difference lies in the details.

Purity laws

At Genusskoalr we brew organic seasoning sauces and pastes with passion. This passion is based on core values ​​that form the basis of our actions and actions. For greater transparency and inspired by one of the oldest laws on the purity and quality of food, we have written down these basic values ​​in our purity laws .

  • Reflection on the essentials

    Our products reflect the quality of the raw materials used. So that they can work, we avoid long lists of ingredients and the use of additives. The raw materials from which our
    Products manufactured can usually be counted on one hand.

    Fermentation allows us to rely entirely on additives such as
    To avoid flavor enhancers, colorings and other things and to produce natural foods in line with our philosophy and that of our customers. We use this to create natural, tasty products in which you can taste nature.

  • Use of biological raw materials

    The “Farm to Fork ” concept
    is our belief. We want to know from which field our agricultural raw materials come. We only use organic products that are grown according to the BIO AUSTRIA standard . This guarantees us that our farmers do not use any genetically modified seeds and that all raw materials are non-GMO and thrive naturally.

    We also attach great importance to traceability. We know all of our farmers personally and can therefore trace the origin of our ingredients to more than just the farm
    trace back, but down to the individual field.

  • Respectful treatment

    Every day we make hundreds of decisions, both small and large.

    With each of these decisions we have the opportunity to have a positive impact on our environment. We always want to act in the interests of our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment. True to the maxim “ we try to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated”.

    If we act according to these principles as individuals and as a company, we can grow personally and as a company through good cooperation.

  • Allow time

    Every product is given the necessary time to develop its full potential. We are committed to producing only the best products. We have appropriate storage areas in which the products can be stored until they have developed their full taste. This can be a few weeks, but also several months.

  • Traditional production methods

    Traditional manufacturing methods are combined with the latest scientific findings and modern quality management . To achieve this, we cooperate with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna ,
    Department of Food Science and Technology.
    Always with the aim of honoring and preserving traditions without giving up
    to forego the achievements of modernity.

    We see endless possibilities in fermentation. Through the right microorganism ,
    the right raw material, the right temperature and many small ones
    Almost anything can be produced using fermentation. So
    Fermentation is one of the few processing methods that are mostly used
    cause a food to have significant nutritional values
    increases instead of decreasing and at the same time the food lasts longer

  • Sustainability in action

    It's not just the food we produce that should be as good as possible
    be sustainable, but also the big picture around it. In addition to raw materials, it's about logistics, packaging, energy and much more.

    That's why we only use 100% green electricity; the hot water and heating are operated with ecological district heating. When it comes to packaging, we try to minimize the amount of plastic used. The resulting by-products and waste are carefully recycled; biological by-products, if they cannot be further processed, are composted by a nearby farmer. Our ultimate goal is to use 100% of all the food we use in order to get closer to the goal of zero waste.

  • Transparency through control

    We want to prove that we stand by our principles. We therefore have ourselves regularly and voluntarily audited by various external bodies. The BIO AUSTRIA standards and the requirements of the EU organic regulation are checked annually through audits by the Bio Austria Garantie inspection body. The AMA Genussregion seal
    guaranteed controlled quality and regional origin. Since we meet the requirements of your quality and origin assurance system, we are allowed to bear the seal as confirmation.

    The IFS Global Markets Food is a standardized food safety assessment program. This annual certification guarantees that we ensure food safety, quality, compliance with legal requirements and continuous improvement.

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We believe in the strength of community. We have therefore joined forces with companies that share our values ​​and visions and work with us towards a more sustainable future.

The focus of our collaboration is on the zero-waste principle. We do everything we can to ensure that leftovers from our or your production are used and processed into wonderful products.

Together we research innovative solutions to minimize waste and make optimal use of resources. This is how unique and sustainable products are created that inspire our customers.

We are proud to make a positive contribution to environmental protection with our partners and to advance our vision of a world without waste. Together we create a sustainable future and inspire others to follow our example.

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