We believe in the strength of community. We have therefore joined forces with companies that share our values ​​and visions and work with us towards a more sustainable future.

The focus of our collaboration is on the zero-waste principle. We do everything we can to ensure that leftovers from our or your production are used and processed into wonderful products.

Together we research innovative solutions to minimize waste and make optimal use of resources. This is how unique and sustainable products are created that inspire our customers.

We are proud to make a positive contribution to environmental protection with our partners and to advance our vision of a world without waste. Together we create a sustainable future and inspire others to follow our example.

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Word of honor.moments of pleasure

Genusskoarl und Ehrenwort beim Mischen der Umamimischung

We are not only connected to honor word by philosophy, but also by a long-standing friendship. Thomas Gigl and his team have dedicated themselves to the world of spices. When Thomas and Severin stood next to each other with their stands at a trade fair, they started talking and immediately had a great idea: to make the best possible use of raw materials.

This is how the basic idea came about to produce seasoning powders that would use the pressing residue from the seasoning sauces. The residue of the Viennese seasoning is now turned into three delicious products: after two teriyaki mixtures, the two of them have created the best seasoning powder all-rounder - the Umami universal seasoning .
Our first zero-waste collaboration, but definitely not the last.

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 Karl Severin Traugott von Genusskoarl und Gregor von Österreis

Easter rice

After the great success of our first two misos, it quickly became clear that we wanted to develop further miso creations. The idea of ​​miso with rice was floating around in Severin's head and that's when Gregor Neumayer from ÖsterReis came into play. Together with partner farmers, he produces and processes rice in and around Gerasdorf under the name ÖsterReis according to the strictest organic guidelines.

Due to the many steps involved in processing rice, some rice grains break. These are then referred to as broken rice or broken rice. Broken rice is often used as animal feed. Too bad for Gregor Neumayer's excellent organic rice. That's why we use broken rice from ÖsterReis and ferment it into a delicious organic Shiro miso. A miso with a zero-waste character – there’s nothing better!

Klaus Decleva hält eine Forelle in den Händen von Delcevas Alpenfisch Mariazell

Decleva's Alpine fish Mariazell

We love seasoning sauces and have wanted a fish sauce for a long time. With Klaus Decleva and his wife Nataliia, we have found partners whose philosophy fits us perfectly. In beautiful Mariazell in the middle of the Limestone Alps, they breed char and trout in crystal-clear spring water - of course in organic quality. However, we do not use the good fish for our soy sauce, but rather only use the leftovers that are left over from filleting - and therefore use these high-quality fish in their entirety. Carefully fermented, the result is a fine wine that brings the best taste to both regional dishes and Far Eastern specialties.

With this cooperation we prove once again that zero waste can be so delicious.


Unwaste has made it its mission to ensure that less fruit and vegetables are thrown away. They process fruits that are too big, too small, ripe at the wrong time, not the right color or are simply too much. We support your fight against food waste with full dedication and are proud to support you with our know-how and our team. We cook and bottle seasonally for delicious, never-wasted tomato bruschetta.