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Organic fish sauce

Organic fish sauce

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Enjoy sustainability in its most delicious form! We produce our exquisite fish sauce exclusively with trimmings that are obtained from filleting the best organic trout and char from Decleva's Alpenfisch. Carefully fermented, the result is a fine wine that brings excellent umami flavor to both regional dishes and Far Eastern specialties such as Pad Thai, Pho soup, green curry and summer rolls.

Brewing process

This fish sauce is fermented from the cuts left over from filleting. This means the whole fish, minus the fillets, is aged together with salt for several months. During this time, the raw fish is transformed into a fish sauce by its own enzymes. This is then pressed, filtered and bottled.


Fish (74%) from Decleva's Alpenfisch Mariazell

Non-iodized salt (26%) from the Salzkammergut

Nutritional values

Average content per 100 ml

Energy 78 kJ / 18 kcal

Fat 0g

of which saturated fatty acids 0 g

Carbohydrates 0g

of which sugar 0 g

Protein 4.6 g

Salt 26.0 g

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Organic aquaculture

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from Austria

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Organic fish sauce - a local product

Biologische Fischzucht in Mariazell mit Rinderweide und blauen Himmel

A global product is the result of increasingly international tastes with the trend towards regional products. Who wants to miss out on the excellent cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand or Korea just because some of the ingredients have to be transported halfway around the world.

With fish sauce we have created such a global product. It replaces an international product with a locally manufactured one without sacrificing the authenticity of the original.

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What makes your fish sauce sustainable?

As with all things, it's the mix that counts. Our fish sauce brings together four essential aspects of sustainable food:

  • Nose to tail
    By using the cuts that are left over from filleting the fish, the whole fish is used. These parts are also used as high-quality, organic food.
  • Use of organic fish
    The cuts we use come from fish that were raised according to organic standards, without the use of harmful chemicals or antibiotics. This helps preserve the environment and water quality.
  • Minimal use of resources
    By using fish trimmings, the fish are not specially caught for our fish sauce. This helps protect fish stocks. In particular, we distance ourselves from industrial fishing, which massively threatens global fish stocks.
  • Short transport routes
    Our production is located in the heart of Europe in the middle of the Alps. This means our transport routes are short, much shorter than those of the major producers in Asia.
    This approach is called Glocal – a global product, locally produced.
    In Austria, we can also be sure that not only we, but also our partners comply with organic standards. Compliance is subject to strict monitoring, which is difficult to verify abroad.

Where does the fish come from?

The trout and char are bred in Mariazellerland by Decleva's Alpenfisch . There they grow for three years in fresh, clear spring water and are fed exclusively with certified organic feed.

The special thing about organic fish feed is that it is not, as is usually the case, mainly made from bycatch from the international fishing industry, but is also of organic origin. Also, no genetically modified soy is mixed into the fish's feed.

Does fish sauce really only contain two ingredients?

Yes, our fish sauce is fermented only from fish parts and salt.

  1. organic fish - we use the fish trimmings that come from filleting the fish
  2. Table salt - pure evaporated salt from the mountains of the beautiful Salzkammergut is used, without any additives such as anti-caking agents or iodine

What is glocal?

The word is made up of two parts: global for the diverse products from all over the world and local for regional origin and production. In summary, an international product, regionally produced.

How do I use the fish sauce?

Basically, fish sauce can be used anywhere where some salt and umami are missing. It's best to start with a small amount and gradually add fish sauce as it is very flavorful. It can also be used as an alternative to anchovy paste, for example in beef tartare or liptauer.
Often just a few drops are enough to perfectly balance the taste of many dishes.