Organic product of the year 2024 - the organic fish sauce

We are bursting with pride and joy to announce that our organic fish sauce has been named Organic Product of the Year 2024! For us, this award is not only recognition, but also confirmation of our efforts to produce sustainable food of the highest quality.

Our organic fish sauce focuses on the perfect mix of sustainability and taste. Here are four key aspects that make our fish sauce special:

**1. Nose to Tail – Sustainable use of the whole fish:**

We use the trimmings that are left over from filleting the fish. In this way, all of the fish is used and even these parts become high-quality, organic food. This not only helps to minimize food waste, but also underlines our commitment to sustainable business.

**2. Use of organic fish:**

Our fish cuts come from fish that have been bred according to strict organic standards. The fish grow for up to three years in the crystal-clear spring water of the beautiful Mariazeller Land. No harmful chemicals or antibiotics are used during breeding. This not only helps ensure the quality of our products, but also protects the environment and water quality.

**3. Minimum use of resources:**

By using the fish trimmings, we avoid catching extra fish for our fish sauce. In this way, we are making a contribution to protecting global fish stocks and distancing ourselves from the harmful practices of industrial fishing. Our sustainability efforts aim to conserve natural resources and maintain a healthy environment.

**4. Short transport routes and Glocal approach:**

Our production facility is located in the heart of Europe, in the middle of the Alps. This enables us to have short transport routes compared to the large producers in Asia. The approach is called “Glocal” – a global product that is produced locally. This strategy not only supports the regional economy, but also reduces CO2 emissions from transportation.

We also attach great importance to compliance with strict organic standards. In Austria we can ensure that not only we, but also our partners meet these standards conscientiously. Compliance is subject to intensive monitoring, which is often difficult to replicate abroad.

Our award as Organic Product of the Year 2024 confirms our commitment to sustainability and quality. We are proud to do our part to protect the environment and create high-quality, organic food. We warmly invite you to try our award-winning organic fish sauce and be part of this sustainable movement.