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Chickpea miso

Chickpea miso

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“My classic miso in the traditional chunky tsubu quality is gently fermented and can be used universally. It gives soups, vegetable and wok dishes, meat marinades and salad dressings a uniquely spicy aroma. As a tip for warm dishes – mix the miso in a little warm liquid before use and then use it. It makes a wonderfully creamy sauce with extra flavor.”

Enjoy it, your gourmet koarl

purely plant-based – vegan
100% Austrian organic farming

Brewing process

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning paste. This is usually made from a mixture of legumes such as soy, beans, chickpeas, etc. and a grain such as rice, wheat, barley, etc. Like the WienerWürze, our chickpea miso only gets really spicy through fermentation.
In essence, the brewing process is very similar to that of seasoning sauces. In the first step, a koji is made by soaking and steaming barley before it is then inoculated with the noble mold Aspergillus Orycae . After 48 hours, the noble mold has grown through the barley into a compact cake and the koji is ready.
The second step is to prepare the miso. To do this, the koji is mixed with the salt and the cooked chickpeas to form a paste and placed in a tank to ripen. In this tank, the koji enzymes break down the ingredients of the barley and chickpeas into the hearty miso. All it takes is time.


Chickpea field 2020, Spannberg, Mistelbach district (c) Genusskoarl

The chickpeas for the miso are grown by Helmuth Wiesinger in the Gänserndorf district. The warm and dry climate in the Weinviertel suits the chickpea and so it can be cultivated very successfully here, relatively far north. The classic growing areas are in the Middle East, where everyone knows it as a basic ingredient for hummus, falafel and the like.


Water from Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria

Organic ROLLED BARLEY from Austria

Organic chickpeas (18%) from the Gänserndorf district, Lower Austria

uniodized salt from the Salzkommergut, Upper Austria

Nutritional values

Average content per 100 g

Energy 641 kJ / 151 kcal

Fat 1.5g

of which saturated fatty acids 0.4 g

Carbohydrates 26g

of which sugar 0 g

Protein 6.3 g

Salt 8.0 g

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Organic cultivation

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from Austria

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Without additives

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Kichererbsen auf einem Acker im Bezirk Gänserndorf, Österreich mit Windrädern im Hintergrund

Making Chickpea Miso: A Journey Through the Art of Fermentation

Miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning paste, has taken on various variations over the centuries, with the base often being a mixture of legumes and grains. Inspired by this rich tradition, we proudly present our chickpea miso, which develops its unique, spicy taste, similar to Viennese spice, exclusively through fermentation.

The manufacturing process of our chickpea miso is basically similar to the brewing process of seasoning sauces. The first step is the production of koji, a key ingredient for fermentation. Barley is soaked and steamed before being inoculated with the noble mold Aspergillus Orycae. After 48 hours, the barley becomes a compact cake called koji, which forms the basis for the unique taste of our miso.

In the second step, the actual miso production begins. The koji is mixed with salt and cooked chickpeas to form a paste and placed in a tank to mature. This is where the magic of fermentation unfolds: The enzymes in the koji convert the ingredients in the barley and chickpeas, and slowly the hearty chickpea miso is created. This process requires time and patience as the flavors develop and the flavors intensify.

Our focus on the quality and authenticity of the manufacturing process is reflected in every jar of our chickpea miso. Through the exclusive use of chickpeas, coupled with the traditional method of fermentation, we create a unique seasoning paste that not only delights the palate, but also pays homage to the deep connection between history and taste.

The art of making miso is a tradition that we respect and bring into modern cuisine. Our Chickpea Miso is not just a product, but the result of an artisanal process that captures the essence of the Japanese fermentation tradition and expresses it in an innovative, delicious product. Immerse yourself in the world of authentic miso enjoyment and discover with us the diverse applications of this fascinating seasoning paste.

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