Versandverpackung welche wiederverwendet wurde reused

Everything about our shipping packaging

Have you ordered from our online shop and are wondering what you should do with the packaging or would you like to know what material our packaging material is made of? Here we have put together the most important facts about our most sustainable shipping packaging.


Sustainability is particularly important to us, but the packaging of our products is primarily intended to protect our products. If you buy from us in our online shop, we cannot avoid shipping packaging. But don't worry, we've put a lot of thought into how to ship safely and as sustainably as possible at the same time and have chosen our packaging material accordingly.


Wherever possible, we use materials that are sustainable, i.e. made from renewable resources and biodegradable, or ideally consist of a high proportion of recycled materials.

Cardboard boxes
We use cardboard boxes as outer packaging, which are usually certified according to the FSC standard and contain the highest possible proportion of recycled material. Depending on the manufacturer, other sustainability standards may also apply.

Adhesive tapes
We have also recently switched our adhesive tapes from plastic to paper so that at least the outer material is made from a renewable raw material.

Wrapping paper
Individual bottles and glasses are usually used in PAPERbubble® wrapped by Storopack. This is an ecological alternative to traditional bubble wrap and reduces the use of primary and fossil raw materials.

filling material
To ensure that the bottles and glasses are optimally protected, every gap is filled with filling material. These so-called Snips are water-soluble and do not contain any plastic.

Compostable shipping packaging for glass bottles


The most sustainable option is to reuse our shipping packaging. We also reuse cardboard and filling material as best we can. This saves us the use of new material.

You can reuse the boxes and snips for shipping or storage. The bubble wrap is also suitable as wrapping paper. If you have children, they will have fun with the Snips. You can use it to “cook” in the children’s kitchen or dig up the Snips on the play construction site, fill them into containers and trucks, or perform a magic show by making the Snips disappear in water.

If you have no need for reuse, you can dispose of all packaging as follows:

  • Cardboard boxes and paper bubble wrap in the waste paper
  • Dissolve the green snips on the compost or with a little water


Your package looks different than described or has it been used before?
This is because, wherever possible, we reuse the boxes and filling material in which we received goods.
These boxes can also have one or two layers of adhesive strips etc. We refine them with our stamp “REUSED – Box with 2nd life” to indicate that the box has already been used.
Even if the box no longer looks as high-quality or we have used plastic filling material, you know that you have made a special contribution to the environment because we have reused the packaging material. Because that is always better than using new material.

For us, it’s the inner values ​​that matter!

Reused shipping packaging reused packaging

If you receive a package with the stamp “REUSED – box with a second life”, you can be particularly happy because then we have reused resources and taken a small step together to protect the environment.

Karl Severin Traugott

the Genusskoarl

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