Genusskoarl bei DM österreichweit erhältlich

Genusskoarl available from DM throughout Austria

Our Genusskoarl are available at drugstores throughout Austria. When dm redesigned its range, the Genusskoarl range was expanded.

Regionality and sustainability are not only among our core values, but were also the focus of the range redesign at dm Austria. No wonder that our Genusskoarl products couldn't be missed. The drugstore chain is a committed repeat offender and now also has WienerWürze and TirolerWürze  SchoarfeWürze , the organic product of the year 2022 – that Chickpea miso and the recently launched one soy sauce added to the range.

Genusskoarl Würzprodukte bei d m österreichweit erhältlich


The listing of soy sauce is a special honor. The newest member of our Genusskoarl family had just made it to the market when the confirmation came from dm. This meant that it went straight from product development to the shelf.

In addition to its taste, our organic soy sauce scores with a small CO 2 footprint and offers further added value than sauces primarily from the Far East. The long transport route is no guarantee of good quality. These are often produced industrially and then have little in common with the traditional, naturally brewed product. We only use organic raw materials in our products. Flavors, glutamate, sugar and colorings, which are now often used, are an absolute no-go for us. Despite or precisely because of the lack of additives, a wonderfully hearty soy sauce with a soft taste and a fruity finish on the palate has been created, which allows all culinary fans to enjoy international enjoyment from regional production.

“It shows me how much trust I have in the quality of my products that dm immediately added the new soy sauce to its range. For me this is a great confirmation of my work. I am pleased that everyone from Feldkirch to Kittsee now has access to my spices for their daily shopping.”

Karl Severin Traugott

the Genusskoarl


The dm drugstore listing for Genusskoarl seasoning sauces and miso is valid throughout Austria. However, it can happen that a wort is not in stock. The current inventory of the respective branch can be found online on the website dm Austria check.

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