Grillen mit Genusskoarl

Grilling with gourmet koarl

We are constantly asked what you can cook with our spices. It's not uncommon for those who ask questions to be amazed at the answers we provide, and it's the same with grilling. Did you know that you can use the seasoning sauces and pastes to prepare wonderful marinades and tasty dishes on the grill?

If not, then we have good news for you: we have prepared our favorite recipes and new ideas on the grill. Be sure to stay tuned in the next few days and weeks and find out which tasty recipes can be prepared with Viennese seasoning, soy sauce, miso & Co.

Would you like a spicy steak with miso mayonnaise and a wonderfully tasty salad with grilled melon? Or do you prefer grilled chicken in a lemon-thyme marinade? Herb mushrooms and tender corn cobs grilled in miso butter are suitable as a side dish.

Tasty marinades with Viennese spice , Tyrolean spice , Schoarfer seasoning , salad seasoning , soy sauce and the wonderful Chickpea miso will enchant your taste buds. Simply tasty, simply good. And true to our motto “Bring spice to life”!

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