Produkt des Jahres 2023 Shortlist Farm Craft

Product of the Year 2023 Shortlist Farm Craft

bio produkt des Jahres 2023

Organic Product of the Year is an award jointly presented by BIO AUSTRIA , dem BIORAMA magazine and the Wieselburg Trade Fair have been awarded in several categories since 2018. From all submissions, the jury creates a shortlist in which several characteristics are taken into account.

  • Sensory technology – the quality and taste must be convincing.
  • Packaging design with sustainability in mind – the presentation and communication of the product should be coherent, fun and convey the most important USPs.
  • Degree of innovation and unique selling points – The product must offer something new, use new raw materials that have not previously existed in Austria or Europe, recycle residual materials, develop new uses or use residual materials sensibly.


After the successes of the Viennese spice in 2018 and the Chickpea misos last year, we have ours in 2022 Organic soy sauce sent into the race for product of the year. The quality convinced the jury and so the soy sauce was chosen Shortlist in the Farm & Craft category chosen. Unfortunately the competition was too strong this year and we were unable to win the coveted prize.

We are very pleased with our placement on the shortlist, with the large amount of positive feedback from the jury. We want to launch an innovation next year and are, as always, in good spirits.

In any case, we congratulate the winner of the Organic Product of the Year 2023 in the Farm & Craft category, our fermentation colleague and colleague from Luvi ferments to their well-deserved award!

Karl Severin Traugott

founder , Genusskoarl

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