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Viennese spice

Viennese spice

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WienerWürze is an organic, vegan and traditionally brewed seasoning sauce that matures over several months. This creates their delicate, spicy “umami” taste. This can be described as hearty, salty and tasty.

Thanks to its long shelf life and easy application, Viennese wort is very economical and universally applicable. The seasoning all-rounder is suitable for refining meat and vegetable dishes, sauces, soups, salads, but also pies and Sunday roasts. Can be used in the kitchen and also at the table.

It consists of lupins , oats , salt and water . The raw materials come 100% from Austria. Both the lupins and the oats are from controlled organic farming. The WienerWürze contains no additives, flavors or flavor enhancers and is also gluten-free.

“The Viennese seasoning is the secret ingredient of every good cook to add the finishing touch to a wide variety of dishes.”

Have fun cooking with the classic of our seasoning sauces, your Genusskoarl

Ideal for soy and gluten intolerance
Purely plant-based – vegan
100% Austrian organic farming
Gluten free

Brewing process

The first step in making this lupine seasoning is preparing the raw materials. The lupins are soaked in water overnight and cooked in a pressure cooker the next day. The oats are roasted and ground. A brine is prepared from salt and water.

Now the first fermentation of the mixed lupine and oatmeal mixture follows for three days. A special noble mold grows on the mixture while it is stored in the fermentation chamber. This has similar tasks as in the cheese production of Camembert and white mold cheese. It produces completely natural enzymes that begin to break down the lupins and oats into their components.

The second fermentation and maturation take place following the first fermentation. To do this, the mixture is mixed with the brine and stored at room temperature for several months and stirred again and again. The unique taste of the Viennese wort slowly develops.

When the maturation process, which lasts several months, is complete, the mash is gently pressed using a press and the finished Viennese wort is pasteurized, filtered and bottled.


Water from Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria

Organic lupine from the Horn district, Lower Austria

Organic oats from the Hollabrunn district, Lower Austria

non-iodized salt from the Austrian Salzkammergut

Nutritional values

Average content per 100 ml

Energy 275 kJ / 65 kcal

Fat 1.3g

of which saturated fatty acids 0.2 g

Carbohydrates 8.9g

of which sugar 0 g

Protein 3.6 g

Salt 14.0 g

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Organic cultivation

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from Austria

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Gluten free

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Without additives

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Sauces without any additives

Seasoning sauces are often not really pretty when you look at the list of ingredients. This is different with the WienerWürze from Genusskoarl. Here, an incredible umami taste is unleashed from just four organic ingredients and the Genusskoarl purity law.

The secret lies in the millennia-old knowledge of the fermentation of soy sauce in combination with the regional ingredients lupins and oats. These mature over six months to produce a perfectly balanced flavor.

In the kitchen, WienerWürze is truly an all-round talent, the perfect team player when seasoning when that certain something is missing. The seasoning gives the dish a pleasant depth without overpowering the other flavors.