Breakfast deposit


A good day starts with a good breakfast. We often give ourselves far too little time for this, which is actually a shame. That's why we recommend the breakfast pancake, ready in 10 minutes and the day can start strengthened.

Organic ingredients for 2 people:
3 tbsp pumpkin seeds
6 eggs
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp whipped cream (cream)
3 tbsp Viennese seasoning
Pumpkin seed oil and chopped salmon to garnish

The Pumpkin seeds Roast in a dry pan and set aside. The Eggs together with the whipped cream and the Viennese spice stir. The butter Add to the pan and brown slightly and stir the egg mixture into a fluffy egg dish. The egg dish with the roasted ones pumpkin seeds , Pumpkin seed oil and the chives Serve and enjoy with a sandwich.

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