Grillrezepte 4: Scharfe Grillmarinade

Grill recipes 4: Spicy grill marinade

Spicy marinade is part of grilling, like butter on bread. We also love spicy grill marinades, but cutting the chilies is annoying and if you're not careful, you'll quickly end up with watery eyes or burning fingers. We have the solution for everyone who finds this just as annoying and wants it quick and easy.

Steak mit scharfer Marinade gegrillt mit SchoarfeWürze von Genusskoarl


We use ours for the spicy grill marinade SchoarfeSpice instead of chili peppers. They are in the form of organic Carolina Reaper chilies Juliberg already contained in the Schoarfen wort. This means that the marinade is not only ready in no time, but you can also conjure up that certain something on the meat. Mix 3 tablespoons of Schoarfer seasoning with a tablespoon of honey and you have the easiest marinade in the world.

Marinate a good piece of organic meat with it and put it on the grill. The longer you let the marinade work, the spicier the meat will be.

We recommend a creamy, mild miso mayonnaise for dipping. This can be made in the express version with ready-made mayonaisse. The Mix the chickpea miso with it in a ratio of 1:2 and you're done.

For anyone who wants to add something sophisticated, we recommend our refreshing recipe Salad with grilled watermelon and ricotta dumplings . The fruity watermelon and the spicy-sour ricotta dumplings go perfectly with the spicy steak and skilfully temper the spiciness. An amazing grill menu for the next barbecue day.


Spicy marinade:
3 tbsp SchoarfeSpice
1 tbsp honey

Miso mayonnaise:
2 tbsp organic mayonnaise
1 tbsp Chickpea miso


Mix the Schoarfe seasoning with honey and brush the meat with the marinade. The longer you let it work, the stronger the spiciness will penetrate the meat.
Heat up the grill and grill the meat to the desired doneness.

For the miso mayonnaise, mix 2 tablespoons of organic mayonnaise with 1 tablespoon of chickpea miso and you're done.
The miso mayonnaise is the fine, creamy counterpart to the spicy steak.

It's that easy! Enjoy it,
your pleasure koarl

Steak in scharfer Grillmarinade serviert mit Miso-Mayonnaise
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