BIO AUSTRIA enjoyment box - new edition of the gift box 2022

Looking for a gene gift box with meaningful gifts? The Bio Austria Genussbox is a gift box with new organic delicacies, one from each Austrian federal state. In co-operation with ORGANIC AUSTRIA It will be released again this year and can now be pre-ordered for Christmas.

Geschenkbox - die Bio Austria Genussbox 2022

The Genussbox reflects the incredible range of Austrian organic gourmet products, so each federal state has a different specialty that needs to be tasted and enjoyed. The perfect Christmas gift for connoisseurs who value organic and regional ingredients.

The box is manufactured to conserve resources. The box was deliberately not printed, but the logo was cut out. This gives the box a special flair. The enclosed information and recipe booklet provides information about the producers behind the gift box and inspires you to cook.

Christmas 2022 can come – the gift with meaning and for the senses!

The large variety of different products makes it an ideal Christmas present. There is something for everybody.

Karl Severin Traugott

the Genusskoarl

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