Bio Produkt des Jahres

Organic product of the year

At the organic AUSTRIA trade fair in Wieselburg on November 18th, 2018, the organic product of the year was chosen for the first time this year. In total, more than 70 products were submitted by producers, farms, trading companies and cooperatives. Awards were given to products in the “Farm & Craft” and “Retail & Big Brands” categories, as well as two special categories.
In the Farm & Craft category, WienerWürze was selected Shortlisted .

We are now proud to announce that the... Viennese spice by the jury unanimously Organic product of the year 2018 was chosen. We are very pleased to receive this award. It is proof of the quality of our development and production work.

The chairwoman of BIO AUSTRIA, Gertie Grabmann, states in her capacity as a jury member:

The Viennese seasoning from Genusskoarl really tastes amazing. It can be used in many different ways in the kitchen and, because it is made from Austrian, organic lupins and oats, it is an excellent regional and healthy alternative to conventional spice sauces. Taste doesn't need artificial flavor enhancers, organic lovers have known that for a long time. This sauce impressively confirms this, even in an area that has previously been dominated by products containing glutamate etc. Great!

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