Bio Produkt des Jahres kommt ins Fernsehen

Organic product of the year comes on television

The Chickpea miso was named organic product of the year was reason enough for a team from ORF Niederösterreich to visit Genusskoarl in production.

Karl Severin Traugott alias Genusskoarl gave the television team exciting insights into the production of the Chickpea misos Made from Austrian ingredients and told about the possible uses.

In order not to just stick to theory, the Genusskoarl also swung the wooden spoon and cooked a delicious lunch for the ORF team.

There were tasty chicken skewers with miso carrots from the oven. A wonderful dish that is also so simple because you can use the miso marinade for both the meat and the vegetable side dish. The recipe is available to cook here: Marinated chicken skewers recipe

Since cooking is one of Karl Severin's passions, it was of course no problem for him to prepare this dish in front of the camera. Due to the strong media interest, he has already made one or two appearances and is already practiced in dealing with TV teams. Nevertheless, it is always a challenge to conjure up a good dish under the given circumstances.

The result is impressive and there was also great praise from the editorial team.

Here are some more impressions of the day of filming:

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