Fight against waste with Genusskoarl

The Genusskoarl family represents the philosophy that the environment can only be protected through sustainable action and resource-saving use. That's why it was very clear to us to join Too Good To Go's “Often Longer Good” initiative .

It has set itself the task of declaring war on the issue of food waste. Because the best way to protect the environment is not to consume environmentally friendly products, but rather to consume them in moderation.

Many products are still good and edible long after their best-before date has passed. It does not say when a product should no longer be consumed, but because of this misunderstanding, food is often thrown away after the best before date.

The initiative against food waste Too Good To Go has developed an additional note on the best-before date of food. From now on, the symbol “ Often Good for Longer ” will appear next to the expiry date. The simple testing method: “Look, smell, try” is intended to encourage consumers to use their senses before food is thrown away. That's why our products will be marked with the additional note “Often good for longer” in the future. Even if the best-before date has been exceeded, we would like to encourage our customers to check the product before disposing of it.


We are very pleased to be part of the initiative, which includes, among other things, honourwort.genussmomente, unwasted, Tulipans, and much more. to help create more visibility for such important topics.

Karl Severin Traugott

founder , Genusskoarl

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