Mugi Miso - Ausverkauft

Mugi Miso - Sold out

The great demand for ours Genusskoarl Mugi Miso has resulted in us being temporarily sold out.

"One man's meat is another man's suffering"

On the one hand, we are very pleased that our Mugi Miso is selling so well and is bringing umami flavor to more and more kitchens. On the other hand, we are sorry that we cannot delight our miso lovers with Mugi Miso right now.

However, the situation is not that bad. There are 2 solutions. Either use our chickpea miso in the meantime or be patient. Because new Mugi Miso is already in the making. Like all of our products, the organic Mugi Miso is fermented and as they say “ good things take time ”. The next batch is currently maturing.


Koji was made from the rolled barley. This means that a noble mold has grown on the steamed barley and has formed many enzymes with which it breaks down and metabolizes the barley.

After two days, the noble mold has produced enough enzymes so that we can move on to the second phase of production. The koji, the cooked organic soybeans and the non-iodized salt are processed into a paste. At the beginning, this paste tastes almost exclusively salty. In order for the good umami taste to develop, the paste must now mature. This is the phase that the next batch of Mugi Miso is currently in.

During this ripening, the enzymes continue to work and the noble mold itself dies because it cannot tolerate the salt. These enzymes take the soybean protein and break down the long chains of amino acids into its individual components. This process takes time. Things go a little faster in summer than in winter. The longer the miso ages, the more intense it becomes. After at least 10 weeks we test it for the first time to see whether it meets our requirements and whether we can bottle it.


Currently sold out means that we have sold all of the finished jars of Mugi Miso. Even during maturation, we no longer have finished miso that we can bottle. The newly planted misos simply need time and have to mature until they have developed their full flavor and we can bottle them.

However, you can still find Mugi Miso in one or two shops. We've only recently sold out, which means some organic stores were recently able to secure a few misos that are waiting for you on their shelves. You can find it online, for example here .

We will serve Mugi Miso again as soon as the new batch has finished maturing. We expect to have Mugi Miso available again from mid-May.

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