Wir gratulieren dem Mühlviertler Bohnenkas zum Bio Produkt des Jahres 2020

We congratulate the Mühlviertler Bohnenkas on the organic product of the year 2020

A lot has happened after we were named Organic Product of the Year in 2019. There is a renewal, especially with our new customer Ackerlhof given. Gregor Mittermayer has turned his back on soy sauce and now only uses Viennese wort in production. With this new recipe it has now become organic product of the year.

Mühlviertler Bohnenkas in Juice (c) Gregor Mittermayr, Ackerlhof


This year, for the second time, the Austrian organic product of the year was chosen in seven categories as part of the bio Austria trade fair in Wieselburg in cooperation with BIORAMA and BIO AUSTRIA. Including the Mühlviertler Bohnenkas from Ackerlhof in Gallneukirchen, Upper Austria.

The Bohnenkas, better known as tofu, is made from home-grown soybeans and is available in three delicious variations – plain, in juice and smoked. Viennese spice has been used in the variations “im Saft'l” and “g'selcht” since the summer. The many customers and fans of the Mühlviertler Bohnenkas were immediately convinced - with the Wiener Würze, their Bohnenkas is even better than before.

The excellent taste of the Bohnenka as well as the clear traceability of all Austrian organic raw materials convinced the jury including BIO AUSTRIA chairwoman Gerti Grabmann, BIORAMA editor Thomas Weber and bio Austria organizer Rene Leichtfried.

Mühlviertler Bohnenkas g'selcht'l (c) Gregor Mittermayr, Ackerlhof
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