Neu: Umami Universalgewürz

New: Umami universal seasoning

AMA Genussregion Siegel

In co-operation with word of honor A new, incredibly tasty spice mixture was recently created. The pressing residue of our Viennese wort, dried tomato flakes and other spices creates a true aroma bomb. However, this has nothing to do with artificial flavor enhancers, but consists purely of organic ingredients.

Umami Gewürzproduktion

But let's start from the beginning:

During the production of WienerWürze, which is brewed from the four ingredients water, organic lupins, organic oats and non-iodized salt, a press cake remains after the mash has been pressed. Until now, this has been composted by local organic farmers and exported to the fields. However, the press cake still has that incredibly hearty umami flavor of the Viennese wort and is therefore far too good to use as fertilizer.

Karl Severin Traugott's father-in-law - Josef Lust had the idea to dry and grind this press cake in order to use it as a seasoning powder. The result is a powder with a pleasant umami taste, which, however, still needs some support to work accordingly.

With Thomas Gigl from Ehrenwort we have found a partner who shares the same passion for seasoning, but also the zero-waste idea. He has already brought two delights onto the market from our pressing residues and other spices: the Teriyaki spice mixture and Teriyaki grill rub .

ehrenwort x Genusskoarl Umami Universal Gewürz

Now comes a real taste bomb with the Umami Universal Spice. It is the European/universal addition to the first two spice mixtures and a real kitchen all-rounder. The Umami Universal Spice has a variety of different uses. Used sparingly, it spices up sauces, soups, dips, risottos and many other dishes and provides that certain something.

This miracle powder is now available Online shop.

Umami Universal Gewürz Produktion


The ORF was also interested in the origins of the spice and the zero-waste idea. The ORF magazine concrete visited us in our production facility and reported on the cooperation and the creation of the new Umami Universal spice on December 20th, 2021.

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